International Basketball Connect

LJE Sports believes it is key that you know exactly the procedure we at LJE Sports are undertaking together.

Going to play in the United States won’t happen in one day; the process is a complex process, which can be full of pitfalls that we will help you avoid.

This is why we think it is essential to create this International Basketball Connect program to give you all the necessary and useful information for your departure from Asia to the United States.

Some key points to look into when making this transition:

Finding you a school which will match your athletic and academic goals.

We at LJE Sports will guide you through this process before setting off to the United States

Making sure we explain clearly all the procedures which you will be responsible for.

Below you can see the entire process layout for you below:

Pro Level:

NBA| International Leagues| Going PRO

College (Overseas Exposure, Scholarship Level) :

Opportunities to participate in specialized basketball camps hosted by NBA or overseas professional coaches. Specialized Coaching/Player Development Shooting Camp|Ball Handling Camp|Guard Camp|Big Man Camp

High School (13-18 Years old) – Individual Fundamental Skills Acquired, Team Development, Structured Offense and Defence Understanding, High Commitment level

Principles of half-court offense and defense

Leagues/Tournaments/Camps – Participation in tournaments, competitions, basketball camps to hone skills, exposure

Intensive trial sessions to be chosen for a chance to go overseas to pursue a basketball career and scholarship

Juniors A & B (7- 9 years old & 10 -12 years old) –Overall understanding and the execution of ball movement, player movement positions & roles. Understanding and reading the game, active participation and commitment

Basketball Concepts:
Proper Shooting Techniques, Ball movement, Player movement, Creating space, Playing defense

10-12 years old to be identified and groomed for the designated position

Mini-Ball (5 -6 years old) – Need 2 years to learn and develop fundamental skills and performs consistently Building Basketball Foundation, Learning of Fundamental Skills, Participation, Development